Seven HGIS Lab Members to Present at Canadian Historical Association (CHA 2016)

Seven of our lab members will be presenting at this year’s meeting of the Canadian Historical Association to be held next week, May 30th – June 1st, in Calgary. See their panels below.

For a full list of all presenters associated with the University of Saskatchewan visit this page.

Monday, May 30th 2016

1:00 – 2:30|13h00 – 14h30 (Science B-148) 9

29. Storied Landscapes: Indigenous Land Use, GIS, and Historical Inquiry | Paysages riches d’histoire : l’utilisation du territoire par les Autochtones, le SIG et la recherche historique

Chair|Animatrice : Shannon Stunden Bower (University of Alberta)

Liam Haggarty (Mount Royal University): History and Tradition: Mapping Metis Land Use in Northwest Saskatchewan

Stephanie Danyluk (Whitecap Dakota First Nation): Kinship Unbound: A Gendered Analysis of Traditional Land Use Studies

Janelle Marie Baker (McGill University): Where is the Story in a Traditional Land Use Assessment?

Matthew Todd (University of Saskatchewan): Re-Mapping the Indigenous Nations on the Prairies: Merging GIS and Archival Sources to Create Traditional Land-Use Maps

Tuesday, May 31st 2016

8:30 – 10:00|8h30 – 10h00 (Science A-17)

47. Recreation, Popular Resistance, and the Environment at the City’s Edge | Les loisirs, la résistance populaire et l’environnement aux portes de la ville

Chair|Animateur : Robert McDonald (University of British Columbia)

Dale Barbour (University of Toronto): Fencing in an Island: How Toronto Island formed at the Nexus of Nature, Play and Capital: 1870 to 1920

J.I. Little (Simon Fraser University): “One of the finest pieces of empty real estate in Canada”: The Creation of Vancouver’s Devonian Harbour Park

Jessica DeWitt (University of Saskatchewan): Tales of a Park Not Yet Created: The Fish Creek Provincial Park Questionnaire, 1974

Wednesday, June 1st 2016

8:30 – 10:00|8h30 – 10h00 (Science B-148)

83. The Stories Staples Tell: Resource Economies in Canada |Ces histoires que racontent les ressources de base : les économies de ressources au Canada

Chair|Animateur : Andrew Watson (University of Saskatchewan)

Colin M. Coates (York University): The Staples Thesis and Digital History

Jim Clifford and Andrew Watson, with Anne Janhunen, (University of Saskatchewan): Interacting with London’s Canadian Ghost Acres, 1865-1919: Creating a Deep Online Map with HGIS and a MediaWiki Database

Anne Dance (Memorial University): Ordered Reclamation: Redefining Mine Cleanup in Northern Canada 

2:30 – 4:00|14h30 – 16h00 (Science A-247)

122. Restor(y)ing Western History through a Métis Lens: Family, Land, Bodies and Nation |Nouvelle narration de l’histoire de l’Ouest sous l’angle Métis : la famille, le territoire, les collectivités et la nation

Chair|Animatrice : Brenda Macdougall

Adam Gaudry (University of Saskatchewan) “Men who’d come from over the sea … to steal our fair country”: Métis narratives of the Battle of Seven Oaks and Métis-settler relations

Cheryl Troupe (University of Saskatchewan): Storied Spaces: Memory, Kinship and Place in a Saskatchewan Metis Road Allowance Community

Allyson Stevenson (University of Saskatchewan): Coming Home: Crafting a Métis Historical Consciousness Through Restoring Severed Family Ties Tara Turner (First Nations University of Canada): Re-Searching Metis Identity: My Metis Family Story 

2:30 – 4:00|14h30 – 16h00 (Science B-146) 31

123. Revisiting Park Histories: Everyday Voices from Canada’s Protected Places | L’histoire des parcs repensée : la voix des Canadiens en provenance des lieux protégés du Canada

Chair|Aniamatrice : Claire Campbell (Bucknell University)

Mica Jorgenson (McMaster University): Playground, not Sanctuary: Family Camping at Algonquin before World War II

Anne Janhunen (University of Saskatchewan): “A Very Great Deal of Pleasure:” Park Creation, Management, and Dispossession in Ontario’s Georgian Bay Region

Matthieu Caron (Université de Montréal): “It’s a viper’s nest of uncounted perverts and near insane alcoholics”: Policing Montréal’s Mountain during the 1950s 

4:15 – 5:45|16h15 – 17h45 (Science B-146)

127. Sustaining a Fragile West: Environmental Myths and Realities | Soutenir l’Ouest canadien fragilisé : mythes et réalités environnementaux

Chair|Animateur : Warren Elofson (University of Calgary)

Laura Larsen (University of Saskatchewan): Mining Our Bison Heritage: Stories of Agricultural Practices in Saskatchewan Through its Soils

Frances Reilly (University of Saskatchewan): Rat Patrol, Communism, and Radioactive Fallout: Protecting Alberta from Invading Species in the Early Cold War

Claire Campbell (Bucknell University): Ranching Landscapes, Frontier Thinking, and Canadian Environmental History