HGIS Lab at Social Science History Association

Nine members of the HGIS Lab and Sustainable Farm Systems Project will present at the 2016 meeting of the Social Science History Association in Chicago, November 17-20, 2016. For details, see below:

Thursday, November 17: 02:45 PM-04:45 PM

Dearborn 2

Mapping the Industrial and Commercial Landscape

Chair: Robert Sweeny, Memorial University of Newfoundland (History)

Mapping Hundreds of Factories in Nineteenth Century London and their Global Commodity Networks

Jim Clifford, University of Saskatchewan (History)

The Changing Industrial Structure of Britain’s Localities, 1841-2011

Humphrey Southall, University of Portsmouth (Geography)

Discussant: Robert Sweeney, Memorial University of Newfoundland (History)

Thursday, November 17, 5:00PM-7:00PM

Clark 5

Presidential Session: The Energy Economy from Agriculture to Fossil Fuels

Energy, Robert Solow’s Economics of Growth, and the Abstraction of Nature

Christopher Jones, Arizona State University (Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies

The Energy of Irrigation: Deep Wells, Cropland Production, and the Transformation of Great Plains Agroecosystems, 1950-2015

Andrew Watson, University of Saskatchewan (History)

A Multi-Scale Model of Energy Flows in Modern Canadian Agri-Forestry, 1805-2000

Joshua Macfadyen, Arizona State University (Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies)

Energy and the Regulation of the Global Human Population

John DeLong, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Biological Sciences

Discussant Amanda McMillan Lequieu, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Sociology)

Saturday, November 19, 1:30PM-3:30PM

Dearborn 2

Using GIS to Map Transformative Processes

Chair: Jim Clifford, University of Saskatchewan (History)

Medieval History and GIS: The use of Geographic Information Systems in the Study of Rural Economy of the Catalan Counties (9th to 12th Centuries)

Maria Soler Sala, University of Barcelona (History and Archaeology

The New Face of the City, Urban Transformations and New Geographies. Interpretation Models for the Organisation of Parishes in Venice (1797-1821)

Alessandra Ferright, Universita luav di Venezia (DACC

A Sort of Whirlwind: Mapping the Changing Geography of Presbyterian Religious Observance in Ireland

Niall Cunningham, University of Durham (Geography

Locating Metis Space: Mapping Stories, Kinship and Land Use in a Saskatchewan Metis Community

Cheryl Troupe, University of Saskatchewan (History)

Sunday, November 20, 8:00AM-10:00AM

Clark 5

Presidential Session: Sustaining Soil Fertility in Agricultural Systems

Chair: Vernon Burton, Clemson University (History & CyberInstitute)

Agrarian Intensification and Soil Fertility in Atlantic Spain, 1750s-1880s

Beatriz Corbacho González, University of Santiago de Compostela (Modern History)

Roc Padró Caminal, University of Barcelona (Economic History)

Agricultural History from Below: Maintaining Soil Fertility on the Harrach Estates, 1780-1940

Dino Güldner, Klagenfurt University (Social Ecology)

Agriculture and Soil Fertility in the Great Plains, 1880-1997

Geoff Cunfer, University of Saskatchewan (History)

Looking for a Yield: Soil Nitrogen in Saskatchewan Agriculture, 1916-2001

Laura Larsen, University of Saskatchewan (History)

Discussant: Vernon Burton, Clemson University (History & CyberInstitute)