Apply as a Graduate Student

A Comfortable Home for Graduate Students

The Historical GIS Laboratory provides collegial and efficient work space for half a dozen graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan. Masters and doctoral students enjoy spacious work stations, access to a variety of computer hardware and software, technical support, and scholarly mentorship through formal and informal training opportunities in historical research and GIS methods.

Graduate students supervised or employed by Geoff Cunfer and Jim Clifford have access to office assignments here, while many others drop in from time to time to take advantage of the Lab’s equipment and expertise.

Apply to Graduate School

Students interested in pursuing graduate training in historical GIS should apply to the M.A. or Ph.D. program in History at the University of Saskatchewan. Detailed information about the program and how to apply are available here. Potential students are also encouraged to contact Dr. Geoff Cunfer, Dr. Jim Clifford, and the History Department’s Graduate Director, Dr. Martha Smith-Norris. We are glad to correspond with you informally about any aspect of the program.